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  • Ready-to-Sell PDF Digital Planners (No Editing Needed!)
  • 100++ Pages of Quick and Easy Editable Canva Planner Templates
  • Will Work on Free and Pro Canva Accounts
  • Personalize the Templates: Edit Colors, Change Fonts, Put Fun Elements, Etc.
  • LOTS of Freebies/Bonus Files Including:
  • FREE Planner Stickers That You Can Give Out as Freebies or as Lead Magnet for Your Customers Valued at $27
  • FREE E-book on How to Create & Sell Digital Planners Valued at $17
  • Plus FREE Digital Product per Month via our Newsletter Valued at $9-$27 per Product
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"I recently purchased this bundle and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with this product. The bundle includes all the planner templates I needed to start my own Etsy digital planners shop.."

"I recently purchased this bundle and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with this product. The bundle includes all the planner templates I needed to start my own Etsy digital planners shop.

I posted a bunch of listings on the day my shop went live and got my first sale in a matter of days. So excited to upload more listings. Now I'm going to expand my sales channels by offering my planners on all the platforms mentioned in the free e-book.

Spending $17 on this was the best decision I ever made."


"As a PLR product, I was able to completely customize it to fit my needs and branding"


I just had the opportunity to try out this bundle as I am looking for a way to make passive income. The planners are beautifully designed and easy to use, with a variety of customizable pages that make it perfect for selling multiple products using only the templates included.

One of the things I appreciated most about this planner is the flexibility it offers. As a PLR product, I was able to completely customize it to fit my needs and branding, which is great for those who want to create their own unique product. The planner also comes with PDF format and Canva templates, which made it easy for me to edit and use.

So... are you ready to get this thing started?


Still on the fence? Let me give you 3 more reasons how this

Bundle can help you get your Financial Breakthrough today, by God's grace:

1. Time-saving convenience: This Bundle offers a ready-made solution that can save you valuable time and effort. Instead of starting from scratch to create your own planner, you can simply use these pre-designed PDF FIles and/or templates to jumpstart your Digital Business.

2. Professional and polished design: These templates are meticulously crafted with a professional and polished design aesthetic. The attention to detail ensures that your customers receive high-quality templates that are visually appealing and visually engaging.

3. Versatility and customization: This Bundle provides a versatile solution that can be tailored to suit various purposes and niches. The flexibility allows for personal branding and color customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in this amazing $4-Bundle?
  • Ready-to-Sell Printable PDF Planners
  • 100++ Editable Canva Planner Templates
  • FREE E-book on How to Create and Sell Your Own Digital Planners
  • FREE Planner Stickers that you can give out as freebies or as Lead Magnets to your customers
  • FREE one (1) digital product per month for one (1) year! No subscription needed!
Do I need a Canva account?

Yes and No.

No, because we included Ready-To-Sell Printable PDF Files (no editing needed!) of all the Planners for your convenience. All you need to do with these PDF Files is upload them to your shop and sell them as is.

Yes, if you want to customize the planners to change the colors and apply your branding to them.

Do I need a Pro Canva account?

No. All the templates can be edited and used with a free Canva account. Although, you might want to switch to Pro if you want to use certain Pro Canva features like resizing the planners (Example: from Legal size to A4 size), adding "Pro" elements and/or graphics, etc.

Can I sell the planners as is?

Yes and No.


We made sure to include Ready-to-Sell Printable PDF Planners so you can immediately upload the planners and start selling them today.


As for the Editable Canva Templates, we ask that you make some edits/tweaks on the original template. Example: Change font, change background, add/delete elements, graphics, etc., and then you can sell the edited versions as PDF, JPEG or PNG.

Note: You CANNOT sell the Canva Templates as is.

Are the Canva templates user-friendly enough for beginners with no technical skills to use?

Absolutely! We designed this Bundle with everyone in mind, be it professional graphic artists to busy moms, and even the ones who have no tech skills at all.

Does this come with a Commercial License?

Yes. The Ready-to-Sell PDF Planners come with an Unlimited Commercial License.

Please note that you have to make simple editing/tweaks to the 100++ Editable Canva Templates and save them as PDF, PNG or JPG in order to sell them to any marketplace. Please do not sell our 100++ Editable Canva Templates as is. Thank you.

Is there a limit to the Commercial License?

No. This Bundle offers UNLIMITED commercial license. Yay! It means you only pay once for the Bundle, and use it for as long as you want and create as many planners as you need for your own shop.

Is there a limit as to how much I can customize the Canva templates?

NO! You can edit them as much as you want.

For instance, you can:

- Upload your own graphics/elements

- Change the fonts, font colors, font size, etc.

- Use your brand colors

How will I receive my Bundle?

We will send the product links to your e-mail immediately after you purchase the Bundle.

How will I receive the FREE digital product per month?

Once you purchase the $17-Bundle, you will be automatically subscribed to our Newsletter, unless you opt-out/unsibscribe of it. We will be sending out the FREE Digital Product link to your e-mail monthly as long as you're subscribed to our Newsletter.

If you unsubscribe to our Newsletter, you will no longer receive Free PLR products per month.

Where can I resell the planners included in this Bundle?

You can resell them to as many Digital Selling platforms as you want. Some suggestions are:

- Etsy

- Creative Fabrica

- Design Bundles

- Creative Market

- Gumroad

- Amazon KDP

- Shopify, Wix, your own website

All these are mentioned and explained in detail in the FREE E-book included in this Bundle.

Can I print and sell the planners?

Absolutely. One of the advantages of this Bundle over the other ones is that we have included Ready-to-Sell Printable PDF Planners so you can start selling them as is, no editing needed!

Can I contact you if I have any questions regarding editing the planners on Canva?

Certainly. You may send your questions at OTBFileSharing@gmail.com.

Kindly give us 24-48 hours to get back to you. Please be assured that my team and I always try our best to answer queries as soon as we can.

Can I return the product and ask for a refund?

As stated in our policies, all sales of our digital product are final. Due to the nature of the product being a digital item, we are unable to accept returns or provide refunds.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and assure you that we have taken great care in creating a high-quality product that meets your needs. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, we are here to provide assistance and support to ensure your satisfaction.

You may contact us via our e-mail at OTBFileSharing@gmail.com.

How do I become an Affiliate?

Thank you for your interest on becoming our Affiliate. To become one, please fill-up the form here.

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate?

- You get 25% on the number of sales.

- Commissions will be paid to you after accumulating a minimum of $8.00 (or other currency).

- They are paid after 15 days from the date of purchase by the customer.

Note: Commissions are paid (affiliate invoices are generated) on the 10th of every month.

Note: This is a lifetime affiliation, the contacts sent by affiliates and their referrals are marked in the database with their affiliate ID, so even if the contacts sent buy in 6 months or 1 year, affiliates will receive commissions.

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